Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Exponentially increasing mosquito bites

I knew I should have sprayed my foot!

This weekend, as we sat drinking wine on the patio overlooking the lake, my left foot was chomped by a sneaky mosquito. Later that night, one bite turned into two. The next day there were four bites. And the day after that there were 17 bites on my foot! All in the same general area.

I got nervous and wondered why they were increasing exponentially. Kind of unusual, right? MB said maybe I stepped in poison ivy or something, but that would have showed up as a rash, and these were clearly bites. The following day I asked a coworker who had worked in a doctor’s office for, like, ever. She explained it was just a coincidence about the numbers, but that the separate bites just didn’t show up until later. I believe her since she doesn’t make up stories.

The bites have definitely gotten smaller from yesterday, but they are in the exact right spot for my pant leg to constantly brush up against them and irritate them. I really hope they go away soon because even though they’re smaller, they’re actually kind of ugly. Seriously! Who wants a foot full of red spots?

I researched and apparently the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is Listerine, the original medicinal type or the cheap kind from the dollar store. Just spray around outside and I guess it kills them instantly! The best thing thing is that the deterrent will last a few days. Spray around wood, but not directly on wood. Try it next year!

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