Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shamelessness or fearlessness?

One of the biggest jokes in my family is that we have no shame. We aren't afraid to get into costume and be photographed for a newspaper. We're not afraid to piss people off. I myself have been known to ask a stranger on a date – later, I eloped with him. We are quite willing to look silly in public. We will argue our stance on an issue until it's crystal clear. If you want to embarrass us, be in for a lot of work, because it won't happen easily.

And it's actually not shamelessness that drives us to do the things we do. I believe it's fearlessness.

It's not always confidence, although individually we do have respectable amounts of it (our confidence increases exponentially when we are in a group, beware!). It's fearlessness that allows us to take creative risks. It's fearlessness that allows us to be open with people, in spite of sometimes getting our feelings hurt. Fearlessness allows us to NOT be intimidated by bullies.

Our fearlessness propels us through life!

The people who matter to us appreciate this quality. Life is short and who cares what the unimportant people think, anyway? We have a great time, and we are lots of fun to be around. At least, life with us is never dull.

We are nearing the period of introspection for us Jews, and I have realized that the choices I made this past year (although they did not always improve my life) have made me the person I am. Correction: my choices have made me the very cool person I am.

So yes, I have said and done some things that certain people would find questionable. But I have reasons for doing those things, and I have done them with my eyes open, fearlessly. And what's more, I am proud of that. I am true to myself. Reader, I hope you are true to yourself, as well. L'shanah tova.

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