Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yogurt can be nasty

I have learned to enjoy yogurt and nothing beats my plain, local Market Basket brand when I strain it myself and pour my yummy and non-fattening fruit and fruit sauces over it. I like to try all kinds of flavors and brands, because you never know what might be good for a body and also tasty. However, in my quest for deliciousness I recently came across two very nasty flavors: Dannon Light & Fit, Seasonal Delights (limited time only), Cantaloupe flavor; and Chobani, All-Natural Greek Yogurt in Pomegranate. Yuck!

The cantaloupe flavor was so bad, I couldn't even finish it. Not only did it not taste sweet or fruity, it was actually bitter and unpleasant. On the plus side, the color was pretty, and if I had been able to enjoy it, I could have done so for a weenie 80 calories.

And the pomegranate one was just a shame. When I first saw it, I was psyched, since the strawberry Chobani is really delicious. I figured pomegranate would be just as good. I was also hoping the pomegranate Chobani would be as tasty as the Target pomegranate. But I was wrong. Although the lightly flavored sauce was all right, and the yogurt itself was very good as usual, the pomegranate seeds were tiny (I have no idea where they could have located seeds this small) and very crunchy, and entirely without any fun burst-in-your-mouth pom juice. All I could taste as I chewed was the slightly dusty flavor of the seed structure, which promptly caught in my throat and made me choke. At least I was able to finish this one.

In summary, don't bother trying either of these non-winning combinations. Unless of course you enjoy wasting money, in which case, you go right ahead. But don't say I didn't warn you!


Stephanie said...

My dad managed grocery stores when I was a kid, including one called "Market Basket." I've never heard it anywhere else.

The Clever Cat said...

Oh? Where was that? I think there might be a Market Basket somewhere further out west, but it's not part of this chain. Ours still doesn't have a website -- it's kind of old school.

We have Market Baskets in MA and NH, and as I understand they were originally Demoula's Market Basket. I guess there was some kind of family feud and they split up the business and locations. So now there are some Demoulas' and some Market Baskets. I like shopping there instead of Stop & Shop because of the price difference. But different locations really yield different shopping experiences, so that is always a little strange.

Anyway, it turns out I work with two of the women who went to school with one of the sons of the founders! Who knew?