Friday, August 21, 2009

Coconut M&Ms

A limited edition, these are deliciously sweet, and HUGE! (5/8 inch huge.) The candies themselves are white, green, and brown with palm trees and suns printed on them. The packaging is very cute, portraying the sexy green M&M in a glamour girl pose wearing her white boots and a hot pink tropical flower stuck to her shell (approximately where an ear would be) with the yellow M&M falling from a palm tree, holding binoculars, having apparently lost his balance while indulging in a little voyeurism.

The candies have the requisite sweet shell, and the chocolate is very yummy with a hint of coconut in. (I had been hoping for tiny coconut pieces.) Once you let the shell melt, you are left with a significantly larger lump of chocolate than the regular M&Ms, which is nice. But they are so sweet that I have been working on this individual bag for a few days now. I love sweet and can plow through peanut M&Ms, but I can’t stomach more than a few of these at a time. The lasting sweetness sort of gives me a headache, but it goes away…

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