Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Style sense

I may start consulting Neph about my outfits. From my incomparable sister, please see "Genuine Cute Kid Exchange", a play in five lines.

Setting: a boy's bedroom, 8 a.m. BOY is half-dressed (Spiderman t-shirt and burgundy underpants).
Enter: GIRL, wearing a purple tank top and multi-colored striped leggings.

BOY (face reflects surprise): What? What?!?!
MOM is getting ready to step in with a warning comment.
BOY (continues): You look FANTASTIC!

Now that's one kid who knows what looks good! (At the tender age of three...)

1 comment:

blog cabin adventure said...

OMG! I LOVE THIS! Purple tank top and multi-colored striped leggings...I think I have an outfit just like this in my closet! I think it's time to bust it out! :)