Monday, August 17, 2009

Favorite exclamations

Of dismay, displeasure, or disbelief. Just for fun.
  • "Drat!" I use this one all the time.
  • "Jeepers!" A friend of mine uses this all the time, and it's just so her. I tried using it and it was all wrong for me, but I still love it when she says this.
  • "Shit!" The old standby.
  • "Oh my freaking God." This is best saved for disbelief. Also good for confusion.
  • "Oh my fucking God!" Said with the force of anger behind it, this is the absolute tops. But it's rough, so I don't suggest using it all the time.
  • "Ohhh, whaaaaat?" I didn't even realize I used this so much. But another friend swears that she waits for the moment when I say this, and then she feels that everything is all right with the world.
  • "Harrumph." My friend uses a variation of this: "Hmpff!" (I think I have that right.)
  • "Ew." This is really an all-purpose statement, depending on how it's said. It's good for when you find a piece of gristle in your take-out, when an unwelcome advance comes your way, when you step in doggie-don't, when you see a spider... I could go on and on.
  • "Ai-ai-ai." Also, "Oy." When I'm feeling resigned and world-weary.
And finally...
  • "Uch. It's all bullshit." Because most of the time, it really is.

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