Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funny People

I feel like Funny People should have its own post, so here goes.

Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, two of the funniest comedians who appeal to my peer age group teamed up to make a very serious movie. With supporting roles by Jason Schwartzman (who knew he could compose music? He’s good! And he is sooo funny), the chunky kid from Superbad (Jonah Hill), and Leslie Mann, as well as about a million cameos by Sandler’s favorite, shamelessly chosen actors (because we all know that’s how you roll, Adam) this movie was less depressing than I heard it would be, but it wasn’t exactly a laugh a minute.

In this movie, Sandler’s character (a famous, goofy comedian loved by many) learns he has a serious illness, and that he’s going to die soon. He hires Rogen's character (a struggling comedian) as an assistant to write him some material while he takes experimental drugs that will hopefully help. During this time Rogen befriends him, he teaches Rogen some stage tips, an old (currently married) flame of Sandler's surfaces, and it’s discovered that his disease has gone into remission. Does Sandler learn what’s important? See the movie to find out.

I liked it. I didn’t love it. I would watch it again, but not in the theater. It was very well done and it held the audience rapt. Rogen plays an awesome Everyman and I am sure we all identified with him at some point in the movie. Sandler has honed his acting skills (this is a far cry from The Waterboy).

I do think James Taylor got the best line in the entire movie (and he sounds great, by the way). After being asked by Rogen if he ever gets tired of singing the same songs, Taylor asks him, “Do you ever get tired of talking about your dick?" (I might have it slightly wrong, but you get the gist.)

And now, the bad.
  • The opening scene was stupid and could have been changed. People past their adolescence are so over crank calls… and there was no one in the theatre under 30.
  • Rogen’s love interest was incredibly annoying. This may be a jumping-off point for her career, but I’d rethink going to see her again, especially if she never smiles.
  • Eminem. Why was he there, again? Jerk.
  • Too long! Luckily the seats were comfortable. So it was definitely worth the matinee price of eight bucks.
All in all, I recommend seeing it, but not after watching two other depressing movies in the same weekend. Let me know what you think. I’m curious.

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