Sunday, August 2, 2009

And now, the winner

A hearty thanks to everyone for all the hilariously awesome entries for the Activeion Pro. I didn’t think I was going to get as many as I did, and kudos to everyone who took the time to scratch some letters in the dust. Poetry is alive and well!

A winner has been decided, thanks to a very close friend who was kind enough to act as a non-biased judge. (We've known each other since college. *ahem* 18 years *ahem*) But it wasn’t easy. All the entries were fun (and everyone was really sweet! Thanks again – reading these poems makes me want to meet me!) but the winning entry took creativity further than anyone else’s and besides, the giggle factor was very high. So congrats, Jen and Rich Redding! You’ve won this amazing cleaning system. The winning entry follows.

There once was a girl from Methuen.
Her blog was the site for reviewin'
Every product there was, no matter the use:
Cleaners, foot pads and makers of boots.
Lots of opinions did she dispose,
Each with the most interesting prose.
Valuable insights on love, life and books.
Entertaining and fun - she even cooks!
Remarkably talented at the game of Scrabble.
(Choosing to master a game in which others sporadically dabble.)
And ready to dance at the drop of a hat.
That, in a nutshell, is our fearless Clever Cat!

But some other poems also deserve honorary mention. These are a few of my favorites that didn't take the prize:

Tropical rhythm
Heats up
Exercise night;
Clever Cat dances again.
Leaking sweat and
Exhausted, home she rides in her
Entirely Ravenous, she
Cleans her plate
All up -- except for the
-by Alexis Clipboard. (I like this one because it tells a story... and it includes the tomalley. Heh heh.)

Telling us
Her secrets and
Exceptional stories --
Coolly she
Laughs at
Everyones foibles, including her own.
Various topics are
Expounded upon;
Rarely does she lack
An artful crafter and
Talented wordsmith.
-by Alexis Clipboard. (This one is great purely for the use of the word "foibles.")

With my mind I wonder
How she’s undercover
Only to discover
Is this the cat I wonder??
She’s difficult to meet
To blog fans she’s a treat – Pounce Meow!!!
Her Prada on her feet…clip clop, clip clop, clip clop…
Enduring concrete teeth – I am
Certain that her jewels and furs are just as
Lovely as her purrrrrrrrrrs.
Envied by all kittens
Vixen I am smitten!!
Engaged by all her blogs
Researching for a prince - (not frog)
Cheshire cat of the year
Anonymous to all but fear - Grrrrrrr
This cat is a furry feline treasure
Her nails - sharp enough to slice through leather!
Under order from my peers
Her blog’s da’ blog of da year.
- by JP. (I like this one because it's lyrical and I sound fierce! Tee hee.)

Trying not to gripe too much
Holds your interest in her clutch
Ever writing her opinions
Clearly, what she needs are minions.
Loves her little niece and nephew,
Eating, reading, and a good screw,
Vexed by men and tribulations,
Exclaims daily affirmations.
Reporting on her dreams and dances,
Concentrates, and takes her chances.
Appraising products seen on tv
This cat’s the cool one – definitely!

Again, thanks so much for all the kind words, everyone. And Jen and Rich, enjoy your new toy!

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