Monday, August 10, 2009

Free chocolate!

I forgot to mention on Friday that I “was awarded” a big “Absolutely Divine” chocolate bar from CVS from their Extras card (retail price $1.99). It’s so big it looks like the flat Wonka bars from the original movie. Free for nothing, just for shopping there occasionally (I can’t actually remember the last time I shopped there). I chose milk chocolate, 30% cacao but I could have chosen dark 70% instead. My friend didn’t get awarded anything, and then the cashier rang up the free candy using the store card and she gave me a coupon for free paper towels, too. Huh! You never know what can happen…

Anyway, I tried it today, and it’s very good. It’s creamy and doesn’t have the cheap tasting chocolate you would expect from a store brand. It’s very sweet, though. Although I prefer Cadbury chocolate to this brand, it's delicious and if it goes on sale, you should definitely try it. Let me know if you like it like I do!

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