Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another interesting dream

I had another interesting dream this morning.

I was slogging along with someone through four feet of clear blue river water with a bag on my back. It wasn't quite deep enough to swim comfortably. Then the water disappeared and we were forced to walk through mud. I fell in the mud once but laughed and got up. Someone was left behind because they were running late and I thought we should wait for them but the person I was with said they would be ok. In my heart I knew they would be ok but probably scared because I also hadn't known that the water would go away and we would be left in mud. It was like a very long jetty. The house we were going to was far ahead -- you could see it but it was on a little island of its own and was high enough out of the water that it would never be flooded.

We could see the mud turning back into water up ahead and it would involve swimming. I knew that when we got there we would have to dry our clothes by taking them off and letting them hang. I knew that we would have to be naked, but it wasn't that big a deal. Maybe we could sun on the deck or the roof. It would be warm and clean at the house but we were so wet, wading through water and mud. Surprisingly, the mud only sullied my pants halfway to my ankle and splashed just a little on my calves, but of course my shoes were covered. My hands were dirty from when I fell, but I washed them off in a little pool of water sitting in mud.

At the house there would be windows and we would be safer. But we were still safe right then and it was sunny and there was enough time for whatever it was we were doing, which was why I was wondering why we couldn't wait for the other person. Maybe it was my sister? I could be wrong though, since I never actually saw the person's face. I knew they had started the journey, but the river also had curving stretches, so you couldn't see people up ahead, most of the time. I think there might have been a cell phone in my bag, but it wouldn't have been smart to use it. Anyway, I woke up just as the mud was turning back into water and was getting deeper.

Interestingly, the house may have been from a previous dream I had, years and years ago that involved huge window walls and acrobatics. I would have liked to know...

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The Clever Cat said...

I don't know if this is important, but I was wearing blue jeans and hiking shoes with a white t-shirt.