Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Decent day, today

So today was pretty good, except that another re-org has taken place (I think this makes the twelve-hundredth) and a bunch of people stared through my window at me while I ate my dinner (yes, I was wearing pants). But the good things are numerous:

I tried the Ole Kendriksen red tea cleanser and it works like a dream and smells great, too. I had a good hair day, got to work on time, and took a very pleasant lunchtime drive with a close friend in a shiny blue Mustang, with the top down. I cleared out 900 MB of crap from my office PC. I received an email back from another interesting man on Match (the last one was nothing, in case anyone was wondering.) For some reason I didn't get charged this time for bringing back my library books and CDs late (again). Vacation beckons. And this cool, soft summer night is mine for the taking!

But for some reason I feel nervous, like butterflies in my stomach or something. I sure hope it's not a harbinger of things to come...

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