Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good & Fiery

When I saw these today at CVS, I just had to buy them... especially after a friend said "'Sweet and Spicy'? Sounds just like you!"

And well, they are certainly... interesting. They are just like Good & Fruity, except not really. Chewy? Check. Colorful? Check. Cute packaging? Double check. Yummy flavors? Half-check. They include cinnamon, which makes sense (like Hot Tamales) but they also include lemon, cherry, and orange flavors to which they have added cinnamon, or maybe clove. It's hard to tell, and we'll never find out, since it's not specified in the ingredients. It just says, "natural and artificial flavor."

But let me not be too harsh. This candy is exactly what it says it is -- sweet, and spicy. The orange, lemon, and cherry part is just like regular Good & Fruity. If you let the candy coating dissolve in your mouth and are left with the chewy clear piece, the chewy piece tastes the same as the chewy piece inside a Good & Fruity. The coating on its own tastes like the coating on them, too, with just a hint of spice. But if you chomp directly into one, it's almost too much at times. Hmm. Am I like that too?

Bottom line for this candy: a few will refresh you... but too many will kill you. Enjoy!

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