Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speed dating

So I was supposed to attend a speed dating "party" last night with a friend, but the weather was blustery and conditions were too poor for driving into Boston. We didn't go. I had emailed the company two days ahead, even called the bar yesterday to ask if it was still on despite the weather. But no response! No emails yet saying it's been rescheduled, either. Too bad, because I had been looking forward to it. Oh well. But as I told my friend, "It gives us another month to look even better..."


Anonymous said...

Speaking of speed-dating, David just called and told me he thinks he's in love! With a girl he met -- wait for it -- at a Jewish speed-dating event! They just had their 2nd date, and he sounded all gooey and gushy, and spent TWENTY MINUTES on the phone with ME because he couldn't even wait until Michael got home to talk about her. So DO THAT SPEED-DATING THING!

The Clever Cat said...

I'm trying! I'm trying!