Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lucky days ahead

Calling all Aquarians! Where's our luck this year? (This is long, so if you're not into astrology, don't bother. But my year will be so good I have to share it.)

It's a pleasure to tell you the next 12 months are glorious! That's because lucky moneybags Jupiter enters your sign on Jan. 5 and stays there until Jan. 19, 2010. This wonderful blessing of good fortune happens once every 12 years, which means you might experience this maybe five times in your adult life. (But each time the other planets are in different places so each Jupiter event is not the same.) This Jupiter influence attracts auspicious opportunities and favorable situations for you to use to your advantage. It also magnetizes important people to you -- people who can help you and open doors for you. (Some will even open cans.) (Good. I need that.)

This year your confidence and poise will increase. You won't hide your talents, you'll advertise them! Jupiter also denotes joy and wisdom; thus, you'll be happier this year and you'll learn more. ("Last night I dreamt I could only speak in a Fibonacci code.") In fact, Jupiter in Aquarius is the beginning of a major new cycle of growth and learning. As people and resources become more available to you, in turn, you'll explore new dimensions of your life simply because you can. Last but not least, Jupiter represents wealth and abundance. You can enrich your coffers! Need I say more?

Work: The curse of the drinking class

In a galaxy far, far away, around 1983-84 (I was ten), you were pleased with yourself. ("I'm too sexy for my shoes!") (I had an amazing pair of golden skippies! I loved those shoes.) It was a time of graduation (from elementary school), promotion, or marriage. Something you wanted very much finally came to fruition. (Plus you were popular.) (I was not popular. I was never popular. I lived on Poplar, though...) In the late '80s, you gave up things; this wasn't easy. Fortunately, the support of family and a solid home scene helped you through this challenging time. (Thankfully.)

By 1991-92, you stepped into a new sandbox (college). And that's when you started to create a new world for yourself. ("Your time has come to shine... all your dreams are on their way...) If you think back, that process took place all through the '90s. Since the turn of the millennium, you've been searching for meaning in your work. Plus more money. (I was laid off from a pretty high-paying job that was definitely meaningless.)

By 2005-06, some deserving recognition came your way. (I was hired where I currently work! And they love me!) Since then you've been determined to improve your status and your reputation in the world. (Yes!) Putting polish on your reputation this year will be a piece of cake because lucky Jupiter is in your sign all year.

Factoid. Jupiter will elevate your daily sense of joy plus your health will feel better. Joy and good health definitely help you work. A healthier, happier, more confident you will have more energy to explore new concepts and opportunities. You're ready for action! (Yeah, baby!) This year is a great time to initiate new projects and expand your activities. You'll enjoy studying anything that will benefit you and raise your consciousness. (I heart learning!)

Around 2010, travel and further training will prepare you even more for a career peak that begins in 2013. (I guess we'll see about that...) (Astrology makes a distinction between career and job. Your job is what you do to pay the bills. Your career is your life path--you might or might not get paid for it.) (Writing! Or art!) Your career peak begins in 2013-14, and this is your time of harvest. It's the culmination of wherever you've been putting your energy. That's why what you do this year matters so much. Since time is the stuff life is made of, use it wisely!

Home suite home

Home ownership is a dodgy issue. Sometimes you like to settle down. (The security appeals.) (Occasionally.) Nevertheless, your adventurous dreams will pull you away to an airport (grin on face, bag in hand) or a highway where you'll watch those telephone poles going by. You're a romantic nomad. (Get the T-shirt now!) Many of you moved around 1988-91 and you were footloose once again between 1996-99. (I moved three times.) Finally in 1999-2000, you had a chance to improve your home. (That was also a great time for real estate.) (I had the wood floors refinished. Hardly an improvement.) Job improvements around 2001-02 might have helped improve your home. This also happened around 2003-04. However, this time it was because others helped you through loans and mortgages. (Mom and Dad. I needed it!) Ka-ching!

In October this year, Mars moves opposite your sign where it stays for seven months (into 2010) creating increased tension with partners. (It's normal to undergo this every two years for seven weeks --but seven months?) (Uh oh!) Stay frosty! Beyond that wrinkle in time, it's a guarantee your family life and personal world will be happier in 2009. Your increased joy will radiate out, touching everyone around you. (A recent Harvard study has actually proved that happiness is contagious.) (Hey! I posted about this on 12/22!) Enjoy this year in your home suite home.

Spare change?

If you have money, you'll help your friends. (Yup.) And when you're broke, your friends generally help you. (Yup.) Some Aquarians settle down and get by on surprisingly little. (Yup!) Others keep moving to dodge "the posse" of creditors hunting them down. (Yup! And then they get out of debt. Phew!) One thing is certain: you're not like other signs. In fact, Aquarians aren't even like each other! (Yeah, yeah--you unique types are all the same.)

Increased money and goodies came to you more easily around 1998-99. And your finances were blessed in terms of real estate, mortgages and such in 2003-04. However, since 2007, your partner might have lost work. Or some other supportive situation suddenly dried up. (I broke up with someone who had lots of money to spend. Does that count? No, because he did not spend it on me.) This drought of support from others will be over by next year, perhaps late in the year for some. But in 2009, with lucky Jupiter sailing through your sign, many opportunities and important people will surround you! You'll have the choice of how and where to act. Some of you will translate these opportunities into more cash and more disposable income. After all, it's your lucky year!

Does anyone love me?

This year Jupiter is in your sign all year and Mars is opposite your sign for the last three months. Mars rules aggression and ego. When it opposes you, try to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Be patient and ready to compromise to avoid needless headaches with someone close to you. Jupiter is quite another thing! It makes you happy, jovial, expansive, warm-hearted and generous. Naturally, this attracts people to you. Everyone wants to see your face. Basically, you have a maahvellous, popular, happy year ahead!

My sex life (fictitious or otherwise)

You've got the sex thang going. You're a hottie! (Yes. Yes, I am.) You're sexually experimental. (Yes. Yes, I am.) You like your toys, and you should buy your batteries wholesale. (Yes, I will do that...) Friendship is important. You have sex with friends. (What are friends for?) (Hmm... I disagree with this... but I can try...) And when a relationship ends, you invariably say, "I hope we can still be friends." (Get real.) You use binary code to talk dirty. (Yup. What can I say? I'm a freak...)

Mantra for 2009

I'm making my good luck work for me!

Mercury retrograde in 2009

These are poor times to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones. (So long, new laptop. Adios, new cell phone. Sayonara, GPS...) Expect delays, lost items and confused communications! (Noooooooo...) Best to finish things, not begin them. (Ok! Although this will be hard.)

Lucky days for Aquarius in 2009

The days below are perfect times to go after what you want, whether it's a date, a major financial decision, or a job. Make note of these dates and use them to your advantage. These are the days when the gods are with you. (What are they? WHAT ARE THEY!!?? They're not listed -- does anyone know what they are...?)

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