Sunday, January 18, 2009

More teas, please

Ahh, tea. Nothing relaxes like a hot cup in winter, a cool one in summer. And I have been really into teas lately. My current favorites are Tazo Sweet Orange and Tazo Zen. And Celestial Seasongs Sleepytime. And also Wissotsky Cherry. I love tea!

Twinkie the Cat also likes Sleepytime tea. He presses his little pink kitty nose up to the used tea bag, clothes his eyes, breathes in, and blisses out. It's pretty darn cute. And he's doing it right now...

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Paula Light said...

That's so sweet! I drink a lot of tea too: mostly Constant Comment black/orange at home and chai at work. Oh, and Lipton diet green with citrus when I don't want hot. My cats don't seem to care about tea at all...maybe I should try some new flavors!