Friday, January 2, 2009

Wii Fit post #5

My Wii Fit age as of last night... 27! Excellent. And you know what else is excellent? Receiving a score of 99 points doing the Sun Salute yoga pose! My balance line was amazing... beautiful... right along the line. And this is really something, considering in that pose, one's head is by their toes after leaning back, and then you must bring your torso up again. I completely forgot about the yellow circle. I've impressed myself! *happy sigh*

I also unlocked the 6 minute hula hooping. Yowza. I'll try that one later.

In addition, I spent a good portion of time last night "snowboarding." I've worked my way through Canada, winning each Dare and Respect challenge. I'm now in Chile.

There were few accidents on the screen for me this time, but as I stepped down from the balance board, I got this awful feeling in my left knee. It really hurt! So I slept with a pillow between my knees and it seems to be back in alignment, and I can bend it without hurting now. Phew! Back on the board. Wheeeeee...

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