Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eek, there’s a hair in my food

Generally, people who own pets or hang around them have been known to find a pet hair in their food from time to time. Usually, it’s not that big a deal. Remove it and eat your dinner. Sometimes I wake up with one in my eye or tickling my nose because Butchie decided to curl up in front of me.

I have even pulled cat hairs from my own hair on occasion. And I have probably ingested a few (hundred) in my life. Maybe I could try to cough up a hairball with Butch and Twinkie the next time they get around to it.

Anyway, last night while I was performing my ablutions, Twinkie jumped up and started his nighttime cooing and rolling on my bed, and ended up facing away from me. I noticed something hanging from his furry kitty butt. It was one of my long hairs! I gently pulled, thinking it would come out easily, but there was no end in sight. I finally just let it dangle about seven inches out of his bottom. It’ll work its way out. Poor little guy… this reminds me of when Max the Cat ate bakery string and my dad did the same thing as me. He pulled, and the string came out, and there was no internal damage – the only damage was to Max’s self-esteem when my dad came away with one and a half feet of previously white, cotton string. Hopefully I’ll find it in the litter box tonight; otherwise I’ll have to go on a hair hunt…

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