Monday, December 22, 2008


This game is amazing! (My sister gives some really good presents.)

In Bananagrams, the object of the game is to assemble intersecting words as in Scrabble, but unlike Scrabble, players use only their own letters in their own changeable-at-any-time configurations. You play for the entire length of the game (be it five minutes or 15)! There is no waiting and waiting and more waiting for the other players to finish their turns, just for you to beat their pants off anyway.

Players begin with 21 tiles (there are 144 in total), and the first person to incorporate all their tiles into their "board" shouts, "Peel!". Each player then takes another letter and rearranges their boards to accommodate the new letter. If you find a troublesome letter, just say "Dump!" and return to the pot. But… you must take three tiles, not one.

Peeling and dumping continues and the first person who places all their letters shouts "Bananas!" and wins the game (or round). No writing sticks are required, and there are no points. Standard play is fast and furious, but there are other, more relaxing versions. You can even play Banana Solitaire! Presentation is also charming, with the tiles stored in a banana-shaped cotton pouch.

My sister bought this for my mom (not me) for Chanukah. But we have all been having a blast with it. I highly recommend this game. Buy it!


Andrea said...


My name is Andrea, and I am with Large Animal Games. We have developed an online version of Bananagrams, which is free for Facebook users.

The online version is just as fun as the retail game! Players have the option to challenge friends, or anyone online, to a live game. There are also solo play options, including long and short games. Players earn credits, which can be used to purchase new tiles and playing boards in the virtual store.

Here is the link:

I hope you have a chance to check it out!

The Clever Cat said...

Hmm! Last night and today, I was thinking of joining Facebook -- and this is the reason that will push me to create an account. Thanks, Andrea!

The Clever Cat

p.s. Bananagrams really does rock!