Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So who wants an Activeion unit?


I've completed my review of my cool new cleaning tool, and the awesome folks at Activeion would like to do a giveaway to my readers. That means you. Feel free to tell your friends about it, too. It will mean more traffic for me, and having real people explore the product means a lot to them. The links follow, if you've not yet seen the posts.

Anyway, did you say you wanted one of these? Now is your chance to impress me with your talent as a poet. An acrostic ( in any style, dedicated to… yours truly! Or if you find writing me a poem embarrassing (are you kidding? You think no one ever wrote me a poem before? You are not the first, so get over it) you may write in reference to a blog post you like, or something you’d like to see me write about, or a response to a post. Anything along those lines. Here are two samples.

This is what I
Hear about The Clever Cat, from
Everyone who matters:
Cute and smart and bright and witty
Likes to shop in New York City
Easily bursts into ditty
Valuable on your committee
Equably won’t treat you shitty
Really charming, also pretty
Cuts right to the nitty gritty.
And last, but certainly not leastie,
That she loves the kitty beastie!!
Her postings are for reals, da bomb!
Each line exciting, clear and true
Crafty tips up the wazoo!
Life experience is to be shared,
Even a heart may (somewhat) be bared.
Vastly, hugely underrated,
Elegantly understated,
Rightly shares what she has learned;
Curling iron got her burned.
A life without her? Misery, that --
To go without the writings of The Clever Cat!

Humor will be rewarded. (Tongue-in-cheek is ok -- see example #2 -- but try not to be mean, willya? You won’t win the bottle, and I won’t like you, either.) And may I bring your attention to the right side of the page – you will find a rhyming dictionary and various other useful writing tools.

Other contest rules (I made these up, so if you don't like them, don't enter):
  • No more than two entries per person via email (, so make them good! You can also post your acrostic in the comments if you want to share it (no email needed there). Include your mailing address. I certainly won't be sending correspondence to anyone, so don't be worried about extra paper mail.
  • The winner must be willing to share their cleaning experience with the Activeion group. I'll send along your contact info and they will send your prize directly to you.
  • The winning poem will be posted in bold letters on this blog with a congratulations (and the winner's name, but only if they want).
  • No entries will be accepted after July 31, 2009.
  • And oh, just for kicks, somewhere in your email, include the thing(s) you look most forward to cleaning. (Not only is this cat clever, she's also curious.)
Best of luck, everyone... and have fun!

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Stephanie said...

Working on it... my ideas are full of fail.