Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Sturbridge birthday

So yesterday was Sister’s 33rd birthday!

I took a day off from work (wahoo!) and we went on a family trip to Sturbridge, MA where I had no idea it would be so much fun. The kids had a good time, too… up until the moment Niecey dropped her new sunglasses down the outhouse chute. We consoled her by telling her about the time Dad dropped both his cell phone and beeper into the toilet, and the time Butchie jumped in as I was flushing it. She bucked up, but poor thing -- she seems to have such bad luck with sunglasses (this is the third pair she’s lost, but the first pair that committed suicide). So she borrowed my Mom’s mirrored sunglasses for the rest of the day and ended up looking like the world’s youngest motorcycle cop.

In my ‘umble opinion, the most exciting part of Sturbridge was the working sawmill. I just love big machinery! And water! The worst part was the idea of wearing heavy woolen stockings each and every day of one's life. Yuck!

After, Sister wanted to go to Friendly’s for her birthday dindin. (Just like in a recent dream!) I had some kind of grilled Supermelt with fried chicken tenders and bacon slices loaded with cheese, swimming in sweet-ish barbeque sauce shtoomphed between two thick slices of grilled bread smothered in butter. And crispy, golden fries. I asked for wing sauce for dipping instead of ranch. In retrospect, I could have asked for the whole shebang on plain toast, which would have been fine, and also without bacon, and all the sauce-ages on the side. But don’t worry. I didn’t finish the bacon and left almost half the bread/butter/cheese combination sitting on the plate, with the remaining sauces (from what was left of scraping the extra globs off) and plenty of fries. I estimated 700 calories for the sandwich and 450 for the fries. Not so bad, considering we walked for four hours and all I’d eaten was a kiddie turkey sandwich from D’Angelos and a chocolate chip cookie for lunch, and a homemade fruit smoothie for b-fast.

Anyway, it was only the best (heh heh) for her birthday dinner at $9.99 per adult with a Happy Ending (love that name) sundae built into the price. I had a Reese’s pb cup with Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Forbidden Chocolate ice creams. It was yummy. Calories be damned! I have no idea what the b-day girl chose since I was concentrating so terribly hard on mine.

Yesterday's family comments:
  • "No! I DON”T WANT a picture of a giant bug!"
  • "Ohhhh! I think I just stepped in ox poo!"
  • "Hmm. I wonder how soaking cloth in urine would remove a stain. Wouldn't it just make another stain?"
And my favorite:
  • "Ok. Now point your penis so it doesn’t go splashy-splashy..."

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