Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love and karma, part 2

"Yeah, she’s great. I love her... oh!
Um, well, I mean, not love like a family or anything, I just really, really like her. As another person.”
“Oh yeah Auntie, like the way I feel about T!”
“Yes! Exactly, beauty-pie.”

I had innocently mentioned the “love” statement Tuesday night in reference to one half of a great couple who are friends with my parents (remember the Gordon Ramsay dream? Also the dancing one) since the fam (sans moi) would be visiting their house the next day for an afternoon tea party. I was afraid she would take the "love" statement too far in her head, so I wanted to be totally clear about what I was saying because of what had happened with "karma."

And then it was like the floodgates opened. I heard all about Niecey’s best friend and how she is a year older and that sometimes they have an argument and stop being friends for a while (a day, sometimes less), and then they realize that what they fought about had not been important, and they make up, and are friends again. And how they were never, really, not friends, just disagreed on certain things at those moments in time. And how as one gets older, one matures. And how she knows she is maturing (her words, not mine.) And how she has recognized that as one matures, one typically takes on more responsibilities. And that although sometimes greater responsibilities go hand in hand with extra work or tasks, the rewards are so worth it. I had to agree. (And she was the one who got this convo started.)

Yipes! That there’s some big talk for a six-year-old! Ok, sweetie, let’s slow down a little…

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