Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aloe? It's for you!

Ring ring! Ring ring!

Hello? Who is it?

It's Aloe, did you need me for something?

Oh, hey, Aloe! Yeah, I totally burned my forehead with a curling iron on Wednesday, and my finger on the toaster oven on Monday. The burns are dry and clean, but really ugly. And I'm going out on Saturday night. I've heard you can help.

Let me see... oh, Clever Cat. Tsk tsk. What were you thinking? Of course I can help! Just run to the store, get a leaf from my cousin, squish it, and place the goop on the burn. Keep doing this. It will heal much faster. For best results, you should have done this right away, but it will still help.

Thanks Aloe, I don't know how I was so careless this week, but will!

Clever Cat applies pure aloe on the forehead burn every hour for six hours, which miraculously is almost gone now! After her bedtime, relax-me shower, she couldn't help but rub off the icky burned bits where the curling iron got her, and next morning, new skin has already come along. The finger burn also looks much better. It's a more severe burn, but it is very clear the aloe made the wound much smaller. She applies more, waits until it dries, then a little more to each spot.

Hello, Aloe? I didn't realize the gel would be so stringy, but what a great first aid trick! I found it in the ethnic section of the market. And it only cost a dollar for a two-foot leaf! How can I thank you properly? Can you do any other tricks?

I sure can! Look me up, and check. I'm so glad it worked. Just tell your friends, and we'll call it even...

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