Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Tonight I visited a friend and we did some decoupage. I made a switchplate with a pinup on it surrounded by a lavender border (picture to come later) and she did a bracelet. She made dinner (veggie burgers. Yes, that friend) complete with her special Mambo Madness shake. (I might have the name wrong.)

I showed her some salsa moves. Then we watched tv and made snide comments about "So You Think You Can Dance." Then she had her very first Whatchamacallit. How can someone be in their thirties and never have eaten a Whatchamacallit? Crazy. Anyway, it was a very fun night. Can't wait to do it again soon!


Blog Cabin Adventure said...

Because I was brought up on Mars bars and Snickers! lol I loved the Whachamachallit! I had fun forgot about our beautifully sung "There are worst things I can do...." That was the highlight for me! :)

The Clever Cat said...

You are right, that was really fun too! The whole night was really fun!