Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little boo-boo

I had a slight waxing incident on Saturday.

I have been going to the same place for about two years for waxing/beauty treatments (and I recently started getting haircuts there too). I tried a few waxers (waxists? waxwielders?) there and decided to stick with an awesome, knowledgeable aesthetician who is a genius with my strong, question mark brows (and I trust her with everything else, too). We have had a good client/waxer relationship for a year and a half. She is an aesthetician magician! But for some reason, things didn’t go as well as usual this time. In my defense, I did mention that the wax felt a little hot, and she said that was unusual. She fiddled around with the pot a little, but I was facing the other way and besides, my eyes were closed so she could have been undressing and I would have been unaware.

If you were to draw straight lines both horizontally and vertically from the right corner of my mouth toward my chin and side of my face respectively, that would be the area that I'm describing (but not all of it, thank goodness!) Anyway, a bunch of layers of skin went bye-bye. The boo-boo was a little over an inch long and about 3/8 of an inch high, and it totally killed! Plus there were a few spots on my chin. Actually, my entire face was pretty red on Saturday night. But there had been no other skin removal.

Aloe came to the rescue on Saturday night and Sunday which was good, but of course Monday I had to go to work. The area looked a lot better, but not exactly attractive. I stopped by the salon that night and they gave me a bottle full of some French “emulsion’ liquid to pat on it that apparently was formulated for burn victims! (It certainly wasn't that bad.) You just put a few drops on some spa-type fabric strips and place on the spot for 10 minutes twice a day, but I dripped it directly from the dropper. It looks much better, but I think the aloe really helped it on its way in the first place. It’s about 1/4 the size it was originally, and pinkish now instead of in the horrible brownish/mauve family of colors it was on Sunday. I think it should be gone by tomorrow night, which is just fine with me since I expect to enjoy my weekend and not look like I was involved in some freak fire-eating accident.

Anyway, I also received a gift certificate. Which of course I will use. I could use a free spa treatment, but it would have been nicer if it hadn’t been because of a problem…

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