Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love and karma

We’re talking big stuff, here! They’re not the easiest things to explain to an adult, but I found myself talking to Niecey about them this past Monday. (She is like a long blonden sponge thirsty for thoughtful discussion, and by the way she is excellent at conceptual thinking.)

I was feeling like her mum should be the first to discuss reincarnation with her eventually (although I believe in karma and other lives, I don’t know if she does – and I am NOT going there – at least, yet), so lacking that background I had to compare karma to the Golden Rule (which she also didn't seem familiar with, which I found surprising). I didn’t want to keep using the word “bad” since it seemed too broad, so as I explained “good vs. bad karma” in three sentences I mentioned malicious and other actions and how they relate to personal energy. (Granted, I know there is a lot more to karma, but I thought that was a good start for her.) Interestingly, she had learned the word “malicious” from Wordgirl (I love that little speller!) Then she changed the subject, so I thought that was it.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because after I lightly mentioned the karma thing she was all worried about a penny she had just found in the room where she sleeps when she visits, since she tried to give it to me but I had said, "Sweets, keep it, put it in the Secret Closet or something" but she didn’t want to and was adamant that I take it, so I took it and put in in my pocket since she was getting very worked up about it. I figured, why should she get stressed out about it? I'll just do as she requested and we can work it out the next day. After her story (Who’s Got the Apple? I actually don’t like this book because of all the misunderstandings that could have been avoided if the shopkeeper had not been playing a trick on a customer), I put the coin on the bookcase downstairs since I figured it belonged in the house. But the next day she was still upset!

She told my mom about the penny and asked what had happened to it. It turns out the coin was from a collection of my grandfather’s that had been there in one of those coin collection books, now in my father’s possession (I think he is looking to sell them). So I explained that I had left it and showed her where. She was so relieved that I had not taken the coin. And my mom said that she had been crying about it. Uh oh.

I wondered about it during dinner. Why was she so upset? And then it hit me. Karma!? She probably thinks she’s going to bring "bad" stuff down on her! So right before bath time I asked if she was stuck on the karma thing since she looked a little teary. She was. I explained that she had nothing at all to worry about (the coin went nowhere wrong, she had not stolen it, perhaps we had misunderstood each other in the first place, no one had been hurt, etc. etc.) and you should have seen the weight that lifted! She’s a good kid, but sometimes I feel like she's got too much going on inside that head of hers. (Also, she's very particular about peace.) Luckily she relaxed in the warm tubby and then I explained about placing a cool washcloth on her eyes to calm them down. She liked that.

Anyway, she has not been stressed about it since then (as far as I can tell). And I am sooo glad! Unless she does, I certainly won't bring it up, for a looong time...

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