Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wii Fit

But I refer to this game by its proper name, Me Fat.

I received the Wii Fit for Chanukah and set it up last night. Setup was very easy, and I was excited to try it, so I got on the board right away.

Well, I don't think the BMI scale is high enough to properly register mine, because when it was figuring, it nearly shot off the screen, and seemed disappointed when it couldn't go any higher. My Mii gasped and stared at her middle since suddenly she ballooned up like a steamed sausage in pants. The transformation was accompanied by a sound effect similar to "Bloooop!" Also, the Wii logo on my Mii's t-shirt stretched out and now appears bold. I attempted to balance and was told I have the body of a 48-year-old. Uh oh.

And then I had to "exercise." My first attempt at yoga was fine. Once you get the hang of it, it's fun. But if you try the "tree" pose, don't wear velour lounge pants. My foot kept slipping down my standing leg, and I touched the board on each try and therefore haven't passed it yet.

Then I tried the tightrope and ski slalom games, and those are really fun. After about 10 tries, I finally passed beginner skiing without missing any flags. Of course, I only got two stars, but tonight I will practice the forward stance also. I also plan to try hula hoop, if it doesn't require being unlocked. And I will you know if I get any better!

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