Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Every month it's the same thing. Back pain, cramps, bloating, urges for chocolate, feeling unbelievably exhausted... you know what I'm talking about. And of course, the days leading up to it are not exactly picnics in the park. I'm always afraid I'll alienate one of my friends by saying something weird in the days leading up to my period. Usually they understand, because about 90% of my friends are women, after all.

Anyway, for me, it's best to not have major discussions or take on important topics with anyone several days before and the first day of my period. Everything will come out wrong. I must remember that for next time! I usually try to keep talking to a minimum during the first day. And today was just fine. Thankfully!

I was lucky enough to have a quiet office day... I was only one of 8 people on my entire floor in the morning, and one of 5 in the afternoon -- a bonus was being the only one in my office area. The phone was nearly dead, I was able to complete a lot of work... and I rarely had to talk to people. I was even able to occasionally moan in pain without being in danger of someone hearing me. It was so peaceful... maybe I can arrange for everyone to be out of the office every month around this time. And maybe monkeys might fly out my butt...

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