Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everyone has their own

Yesterday, less than a week after the birth, the crew went to gawk at the brand new baby. And she is beautiful! I still really want one of my own, but right now I will focus on my own baby -- the condo!

My next project will be to put in a table (coffee bar style) under the front window, and get better window coverings. I will use bookcases underneath as legs to store my recipe books. Also, the kitchen floor needs to be replaced. I'm thinking Pergo! (I really like bamboo, but the flooring seems to dent rather easily.) I only have to cover about 36 square feet, and I will lay it myself, so it won't be too bad. Kitchen counters can be replaced later, with the bathroom vanity, and the bathroom floor. I simply must get rid of the tile in there! Many pieces are broken, and the grout is just powder now, and by the way, have you ever tried to maintain grouted small tiles while being a pet owner and sharing the bathroom with a litter box? It's nigh impossible.

In the meantime, I will plan my attack for the kitchen bar. Once installed, I will get rid of the kitchen table I'm using. But maybe I should see if I can can use a piece of counter for the bar, instead. Hmm... no, I think I'll use something cheap. This way, I can paint it and decoupage and college and sand down and do whatever I want, over and over again to change the look of the place! Hooray!

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