Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Wicked's Writing Lab

A couple of days ago, the VT published a very good article by Daphne Gray-Grant entitled Welcome to Dr. Wicked. (Unfortunately, you can't read it unless you have a subscription, poor you.) But don't worry, I'm here for ya.

Although half the article was filler (in my 'umble opinion, sorry Daph), Ms. Gray-Grant brought a terrific tool to the table -- it's called Dr. Wicked, and it is. Your task? Write or die.

Choose your word goal, time goal, mode, and grace period, and then do it. Just write. And hurry! In Kamikaze mode, existing text will be erased if you don't add more (and that's not the highest mode. Eep.) You can choose a lower one if you prefer less hard-core-iness but still want to get the job done -- but beware of bad, bad music. Hey, we all need to be poked sometimes, and this certainly forces productivity. I like it.

So check it out! (I'm a fan on Facebook...)

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