Monday, March 16, 2009

Eat up at the meetup

So tonight I drove 40 minutes out of my way to Salem to attend a meetup where we played one game of Scrabble with seven people. (It was crowded.) Basically, people complained about terrible love affairs they have had, and no one offered useful advice or a point of view about how interactions could possibly be improved, or avoided (which was the whole point of the meetup).

I found myself becoming annoyed that some of them didn't understand Scrabble scoring (what's not to understand? Double letter, triple word. It's self-explanatory.) In addition, there was little to no group leadership. The hangout location (Gulu Gulu) was pretty cool (and the food was decent. Crepes and dessert cocktails, brie and smoked turkey, various yummy tidbits), but I'm not feeling that I made any strong friend-like connections. The food was the best part! (And I could have eaten something more delicious, and much less expensive, at home.)

This was my first real meetup, and part of me says it was a waste of time, but part of me says it was a good experience. I'm going to try some other ones to see if they are any more fun. Wish me luck?


Paula Light said...

Good luck! I say keep trying cuz what else is there but to try? I'm trying to be more sociable cuz even though I'm married it's still good to have friends. Hubby works all the time and I'm not going to meet people sitting at home playing on Facebook. I actually joined a Scrabble meetup here, but turns out the first meeting is Thursday which is the only weeknight I regularly get to the gym, sigh. Wish they'd at least post the meetup dates/times publicly before you sign up -- why is that classified info? They don't have to give the address.

The Clever Cat said...

Hmm. The ones I signed up for are at public locations, not private ones; and they share the dates and times as far in advance as they can. Maybe it's different in the O.C.? ;^) Good luck, though.

I'm def going to try some more, because why the hell not? At the very least, it's a story...