Friday, March 13, 2009


So tonight I went to a 6-hour concert named BlastFest, set up by Whitehaus Records. It was held at the Cambridge YMCA, an interesting venue. As soon as we arrived, I had the sneaking suspicion that we were supposed to be stoned. But no one seemed to notice that we weren't, and we had a good time. What other concert would provide you with peanut butter and two-kinds-of-jelly sandwiches during a break? This was a hippie concert, for sure. Good thing I didn't wash my hair this morning!

Now for the review. The stage was set up with lots of instruments, which was cool, as well as a whole bunch of random decorations, which was slightly unsettling. It was very dark. The theater had a balcony almost the entire size of the regular floor. Dark moth-eaten velvety drapes. Marble steps into the building. Columns that needed to be repainted, inside. It was your basic urban YMCA, except it didn't smell like sweat or mold, which was nice.

We arrived during a spoken word poetry reading, which was eh. The emcee was all bones and wore an ill-fitting three-piece suit. The first band was not good, and I was afraid that they would all be not good. But thankfully, I was wrong. The Woodrow Wilsons were enjoyable, and so were the The Points North. Avi Jacobs' third song was the best of his set. Catchy. But I thought the top band was Debbie and the Bullets. They were tight, had a really good sound, had fun on stage, and actually had some charisma as well. They rocked! We even got up and danced around.

All in all, it was a very fun night (even though we left rather early.) I would do it again, though. And next time, I'm definitely going to wear clothes that don't match! It's important to look as though one belongs, after all...

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