Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yum, Chinese food

Did you read the article by Jessica Cerretani (The Past is Present) in The Boston Globe Magazine on 1/25/09? (I know this is late, but I finally got around to reading it three days ago.) It's about reestablishing ties with people via Facebook and other social networking sites -- the article itself is fair (engaging, but in my opinion meandering) -- but something very funny was overlooked. I can only imagine it was a typo that various proofreaders didn't catch (and not some kind of little-known Asian technique.)

Fill in the missing letter. "His memory of me was of a w-nton seductress..." You would fill in "wanton," right? Not "wonton"? I laughed so hard at the airport that I think I creeped some people out. Anyway, if you want to read it... the "a" has since been replaced for the online version... but it's still funny... 

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