Monday, February 16, 2009


So just when I thought I was done writing about taking strange things into one's body, my mom calls me share an interesting tidbit. Her sugar went down 100 points in two days! "Great, Mom!" "Yes, it looks as if the Gila monster spit with which I have been injecting myself in the stomach is actually working!"

Whuh-huh? At first, I thought she was speaking another language. But apparently Byetta injections contain a derivative from lizard saliva that helps a diabetic's body produce the right amount of insulin at the right time. The trick is to stick yourself an hour before breakfast and dinner.

After an initial shock (and research. I heart research) I do believe this sounds pretty cool. We've already started on the lizard jokes. Maybe a little scary, and definitely scratch-your-head-able, but ultimately if lizard spit works, that's a good thing. And I do hope it works.

Before the conversation ended, my mom made me promise to go to the gym, by telling me that she doesn't want me to ever, ever have to poke myself in the stomach with lizard spit in order to become better. She's got a point there. I'm dining with two friends tomorrow who are training for a marathon (my heroes!) We all belong to the same gym. I suppose I'll be seeing a lot more of them...

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