Monday, February 23, 2009

Scary dream!

I had a disturbing dream this morning. It was scary!

I was working in a huge warehouse as a supervisor or administrator. Deliveries and pickups at the warehouse were made at the rear of the building, where it opened right onto water. My home was also on the water, a short distance away. We were in some very warm, tropical climate, and I spoke the language. I think it was not English, but I was native to the area. Wherever it was, I have never been there before.

Every day at lunch, I would drive home for a swim (in a sensible black maillot), peel off the suit standing on my clean, well-maintained dock, then towel off and get dressed. There were a few houses around, but for some reason, nobody really noticed and I was not self-conscious in the least. It was normal for everyone to do this. In the dream I was as quick as I am now, but also had a breathtakingly gorgeous face and a fantastic body to boot. Maybe I'd had plastic surgery. And my hair was always perfect with just a quick shake-shake-shake of my head, even after my swim. I wore natural makeup. The house was large for one person, with many glass walls and high-quality, tasteful furnishings. In the dream I never went in, but I could see through the glass that the rooms were really excellently done. Maybe I lived there with someone, but that was never made clear.

Then I would drive back to work, in my convertible, with the wind whipping through my perfect hair. I saw lots of bright blue sky and colorful, lush flowers; fine, pale sand, and vast expanses of clear water, without danger. The sunshine would play off the amazing paint job on the car. My lunch hour was really a lunch two hours. On this particular day, I had the morning off. I hadn't bothered calling to say what time I'd be in. The company often gave the morning off to its workers with full pay. In fact, we were all very well paid. I had a fancy handbag on the passenger seat, a surprise perk for working late one day.

I let myself into the building with the key ring they supplied, my not-very-sensible white slides slapping my heels as I crossed the floor to my desk in the back, which overlooked the main warehouse, and started working quietly. It was an open office on a deck above the working area. There were enough skylights that I didn't have to turn on a light, and I noticed lots of dust swirling in the air. There were huge windows in the walls and a large mechanical door, big enough to see the boats as they delivered of picked up. There was also so much floor -- it was concrete, painted battleship gray. The dock was also concrete. I had greeted some coworkers in the front of the building when I'd let myself in.

I worked and worked, without regard for how much time had passed. It was still sunny outside, but the warehouse had become darker. I had never turned on a light. Suddenly it was so quiet. The huge gate opened and a yacht arrived, unscheduled. A group of men in dark suits and sunglasses walked in from the front of the building. They had bulges in their suit jackets and I didn't recognize them. They weren't sweating despite all the layers they were wearing. They looked around but didn't notice me. They conversed with the men on the boat and started loading a shipment that had not yet been identified.

Who were they? What were they picking up?? Where were the rest of my coworkers??? I became anxious. I froze! What would happen if they saw me? They were loading so fast! I could barely breathe. All I could hear was my heart pounding a bass rhythm, and deep voices shouting instructions. I couldn't even make out what they were saying, my heart was beating so loudly and fast. I slowly started to slide down my swivel chair so I would not be seen behind the wooden sides of the office deck. But suddenly I felt I was in danger... someone was approaching the office area. They knew I was there! I was sweating and shaking in fear. My breathing became more labored, and I tried not to gasp. Step, step, step… shiver, shake, sweat… and then I woke up.

Ordinarily, I hit the snooze button a few times, but not today. I jumped from my bed as if the dark-suited men would follow me right though some unknown bed sheet portal. Eeek! Part of me doesn't want to know what was about to happen, but part of me does. What was it? What was it…???

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