Monday, February 16, 2009

Call the doctor. I need shoes!

Woo hoo! New boots! Well, not necessarily new... but new for me… my sis gave me two more pairs of Dr. Marten eights! She says her feet became too big for them after she popped out two kids. Too bad for her, but too good for me! (They are even in excellent condition.) I lucked out with green shinies and also an amazing shiny cherry red pair.

When I was in FL, she tried to buy a pair of tens from Zappo's, but they pinched. I still can't believe they are mostly produced in China now. What a rip! If you want the proper England-made ones, they cost significantly more. I will never, ever get rid of any of mine, now (adding these to my collection makes it seven pair.) Hmm… come to think of it, I wonder where my suede three-hole burgundies went… it's been years since I've seen them. They must be around somewhere… I couldn't have chucked them, right?

Anyway, today I could have worn one of these new pairs, but instead I wore my black knee-high boots (the ones I bought in the summer) and totally wasted them, wearing them to the office under a pair of black pants. What was I thinking? Any of these bright colors would have looked just fine with my standard all-black outfits. I didn't have to wear black boots! And by the way these could-be-sexy-with-the-right-clothes boots slide down my calves. Maybe not a bad thing in certain situations, but every time I wear them, after a few hours, at least one inch of boot ends up scrunched around my ankle. Sigh. Not so sexy after all…

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