Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Office supplies

I really like using up office supplies.

The satisfaction I derive from writing with the same pen until it runs out of ink or using the last paper clip in the box is way out of proportion to its actual importance. Whenever someone flips a new jug onto the water cooler I get a strange little thrill. I get the same kick from seeing a ream of paper placed into the copier. Don't even get me started on toner cartridges and Post-its.

I enjoy using my own paper clips at home, but for me, there's something compelling about using office supplies in an actual office. And it doesn't stop there. If I use the last paper clip in a shared dish, there's no thrill. I have to use the whole box myself, and then and only then do I get it. Why is that?

After some thought, I decided to blame it on growing up in the 80's. It must have given me the compulsion to use, use, use! It's a decent theory. Does anyone else feel that way?

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Paula Light said...

Not me! I like cracking open a brand new pack of crisp Post-Its, flicking the tiny red plastic tip cover thingie off a pristine pen, and ripping off the first sticky tag in a "Sign Here" pack. Yay for newness!