Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling better

So my birthday rolled past without buying myself an iPod Touch. Boo hoo hoo. (I was going to buy one through Amazon for $269 instead of $299 by putting $75 worth of gift certificates toward it, but I had a surprise root canal at the end of the year that was not fully paid by insurance and I had to fork over $450 big ones during my birthday week. That hurt even more than the tooth work! Also, last week I had to get my taxes done -- and $264 later, they were. Sheesh.)

Actually, my birthday and Neph's birthday passed without my even posting about them. For shame! What has the world come to?

Well, I'll tell you. I have been so stressed out and have had so much on my mind for months (obviously) that I allowed it to get to me and hadn't bothered posting, writing articles, or really even making much of an effort to socialize. But let me not exaggerate. I have been hanging out with friends (what is life without them?), but have not done the dating thing since 2009 or really attemped much online dating, even. January and February pretty much involved me thinking about my health vs. quality of life vs. length of that life, and I have a big decision to make about my weight. "Big" decision, get it? Heh. I have to decide about whether or not to have weight loss surgery.

Smart idea one moment and frightening the next.
Re: surgery, the Cat is perfectly perplexed.

Whatever the decision, it will be for me, not other people. And it will affect the rest of my life. So no comments about these type of surgeries in general, please – this time, it’s all about me. (Other comments are welcome, as usual.)

But I’m feeling much, much better – enough to get off my red sofa and organize my desk of my own accord. Enough to get up and do some Wii Fit (which yelled at me, natch). Enough to send a few emails on Match and JDate. And I have energy! Enough to wiggle my booty around to some salsa music. Enough to sing! Enough to take more articles at Demand Studios! And enough, of course, to post right here. These are great signs, and I am so thankful to have things back into perspective. I’m still deciding about the surgery, but it no longer seems insurmountable.

Anyway, back to the iPod Touch. I still want one. And maybe just maybe, when I receive my tax return (home ownership has its privileges – I haven’t gotten a check from the feds in years) I’ll put some money toward the iPod. And just putting it out there – I still use my little apple green Shuffle which always makes me smile. That reminds me… I should put some more juice in there. I’ll do it tonight, before I go play games at Myriad! Yay!


The Clever Cat said...

I just got another $10 Amazon card from my pizza focus group. That's $85. Yay!

The Clever Cat said...

Another $10 from the focus group equals $95. Coming along!