Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beatles Rock Band and other new toys

Saturday I cleaned my house and barely sat at all, and my back only bothered me about half as much as the day before. It only started hurting badly when I went out to dinner with close friends to Texas Roadhouse and had to sit on a wooden bench (I stuffed my jeans jacket behind me for some support). Dinner was good, and sitting on my comfy red sofa playing Beatles Rock Band (yes, I did get it after all!) was a lot of fun. You should get it. I need to get another remote, though, for extra peeps. I was even able to lend my Bed Buddy to a pained buddy of my own, so it is sure is getting used (but not abused. That would just be gross.)

And Sunday was good too! I slept late (with my Beddy Buddy on my Hurty Backy), did some homework for class (Scheduling Construction Projects, whoopie), no articles (oh well) and played a little with my awesome new laptop and wonderful digital camera! I am sooo proud of me for earning extra money through writing that I could buy myself these gifties. I know I have been talking about getting them forever, but I guess I can shut up about them now. Or maybe not. Tee hee.

I’m all set with toys for the time being, though. So the new 32 GB iPod Touch (aw yeah, I will be able to afford it, heh heh heh) will be a birthday present to myself when the time rolls around.


Alexis Clipboard said...

Well, I guess I'll have to think of some other Chanukah/birthday presents for you! Thhppbbffttt!!!

The Clever Cat said...

Sorry... :^(
Well, don't get Spore either. I got that on a really great sale for $20. Did I ever mention?

You know, you can always buy me the $300 iPod. *cracks up*