Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wiggly bug!

Twinkie saved me from a disgusting nasty bug Sunday night! Brave little pussycat.

I had fed him, watered him, and changed the litter, yet he kept meowing and trying to catch my eye. As I was bending down to give him love, I saw it. A dark brown wiggly bug, almost two inches long, about 5 millimeters wide, with lots and lots of long legs, practically zooming (for a bug) across my living room carpet on its way to the kitchen! Why is it that as soon as I clean the whole house at once, a brazen bug emerges from somewhere? Sometimes I think I should just not bother cleaning, or at least space it out.

Well, I didn’t want to ruin the bottom of my sneakers or hear any crunches so after I shrieked I grabbed a paper towel, waited until the wiggler crawled on it, folded the towel, put the Swiffer on top and stamped on it several times. But it wasn’t completely dead, just part of it! I handled the mess, and then I shivered and quivered and had to put on a sweater because I was totally skeeved.

And then I gave Twinkie much love, as well as fish-shaped treats. My hero!

1 comment:

The Clever Cat said...

I just looked for a pic and it turns out it was a centipede. I would know those legs anywhere! EWWWWW!