Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My b-day

(Because I can’t go by without mentioning my birthday at all. And February 9th was a pretty good birthday.) I had to work that day which left me emotionally exhausted, but I enjoyed dinner out with my parents at a Mexican restaurant, and my dad was the featured poet at a local poetry reading. He read a few Spanish pieces as well as a few pieces of his own. It was really nice.

From my parents I received a simply gorgoise Etienne Aigner large apricot leather satchel-style handbag with just the right hardware. It’s perfect! My sister “surprised” me with the Wii Fit game update. From Niecey and Neph I received very sweet birthday cards with my name charmingly misspelled (Niecey) and a depiction of the housie I had built them, I think (Neph). Then I took the rest of the week off and tried to relax. I was unsuccessful as far as the relaxing went, but I did get a lot of thinking done. I also began the large chore of reorganizing my bedroom closet. It’s coming along.

The relaxing? I tried to just veg, but my head was so full that I ended up feeling tired anyway. But I did get enough sleep, which mitigated the small satchels under my eyes. (I prefer my new orange bag to the bags under my eyes any day…)

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