Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Neph's b-day

And speaking of birthdays, two weeks ago Nephew turned a very funny four! I bought him three small Lego sets.

I just love Lego too! And I'm so psyched we have that in common. Right now he’s into things with wheels, like trucks. My present arrived later than I would have preferred, but I think was more convenient for him after being bombarded with gifts. Plus, a present alone gets all the attention and I like that.

Anyway, when the Lego arrived, he was pleased. He was ok with the first set (mini-figures, benches, signs), kind of interested in the second (a car that looks similar to a SmartCar), and when he got to the third (off-road fire rescue) he was thrilled. "Just what I've always wanted!" he declared. He didn't believe it was from me at first -- apparently, he thinks his grandmother (my mom) is the sender of all things good! My sister had to show him the gift messages before he was convinced I was the one who had sent the gift. What a cutie patootie!

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