Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Writing Resource

Today the VT sent me an email with this link. I like it very, very much -- and it's so crazy that I have never been there before. And btw, I love the "imagine if"... like a child, I still do it as often as possible. Like now! Here are some to ponder today:
  • There was only one color besides white and black
  • You had to pick an animal to transform into tomorrow
  • There was no land

Let me know! I'm curious.


The Clever Cat said...

Hopefully the color would be green. I like green!

I would choose to be a housecat in a loving, clean household. Then I would spend the rest of my time doing human things, as many as possible, today. I would spend all my money on tactile experiences and have sex with whoever I felt like.

My floating vessel would be big enough for me plus a family and a farm and have a separate guest boat that was attached by an invisible chain. The boat would not need gas because it will run on human and animal waste! I would grow fruit and veg and raise animals on my farm and trade with neighboring boats for seeds and plants.

Alexis Clipboard said...

For some reason, your "what ifs" read like a language assignment in an advanced ESL class. Why so stilted?

The Clever Cat said...

I dunno! They just came out that way, and even then I had to try to arrange into a way that seemed to make sense. But enough of my arrangements -- what if there was no land???