Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a weird night

Everything went south and north and south again when I left work.

First I nearly get smashed by some moron who cut me off from the turning lane at the 114/125 N. Andover intersection, on the way to a 5:45 chiropractic appt in Haverhill. I want to get to the library there by 5:00 because it closes early on Wednesdays so I had called ahead for a few books (The Book Thief and a book of stories by Flannery O'Connor) that they were kindly holding for me. I get there at 2 minutes to 5 but with all the librarians getting into their cars. Dang! Oh well. To the chiro! Maybe she can take me early.

I get there only to find it's locked up. I call the office and it turns out she is out for a month for family stuff but I don't want a different doc to straighten me so I cancel. This means I can get to the meetup in Salem, NH earlier! YAY! (I had thought I wouldn't be there until 7:30, after the appointment and travel time.)

I stop at the market there for the frozen corn I need and some bread only to find that the only fresh Parisian loaf left is borderline squished. I buy it anyway because I really want it. Looking forward to making my special salsa and a cheese sandwich I drive home and pick up the mail to find a letter from my doc explaining the situation and a newsletter stating that I have a condo association meeting tonight! At 7:00. BOO. But I should really go, right, since I own it now... I tell myself. It is now 6:00.

Quick! I make the salsa, shove a piece of cheese down my gullet, doublecheck the meeting address (at the office) and hurry off back to Lawrence, getting cut off by yet another jerk on the highway (and I was going plenty fast, thankyyouverymuch). I arrive at the building and am met by the security guard who knows nothing about it. So we knock and NO ONE ANSWERS. Fuck! I hang around in the lot for ten minutes and the only other person who drives up is a woman who I ask if she is there for the condo meeting. No? Ok. Thank you.

By now I am really hungry but I can still get to the meetup, right? And why not? I can get something at the Dunkin' Donuts next to the shop. But I try to salvage the trip to Lawrence by stopping into a few (ghetto) stores (Rainbow Shops, AJ Wright) at the shopping center there and find nothing to make myself giggle. I do find an unusually soft organic cotton pair of lounge pants (Hanes brand) for four bucks so I try to buy it but as I approach the desk to purchase am cut off a THIRD time. Screw it. I lay the pants gently down atop the polyester things in front of me and exit. It is 8:00.

On the way home I am not cut off and I spy an absolutely gorgeous sliver moon with a ring around the full moon circle as I approach my exit. OMG! I have to have a picture. "Moon!" I ask. "Please give me five minutes to get home and I will take a picture of you. I must have you!" I pull into the garage and grab my camera to search the sky for the gorgeous girl. I see stars, but no slivers. Great. Just great. Now someone stole the moon!

Despite losing the moon I am in a much better mood so I triple-check the meeting address. Yup, I was in the right place. It's 8:25. I dump some salsa in a bowl and open my laptop, write all this, and realize. Shit. I meant to go to the meetup. It's 8:43. Not gonna happen. Sorry, folks. Breathe, CC. Just breathe.

The only good things tonight: the moon, the homemade salsa and my tax refund.

Good freakin' night, y'all. I'm officially wiped.


TsaphanBabe said...

Oh, I am so glad that Anna shared your blog with me!

Been there. A million times. And, yes, breathing (acceptance) is the answer.

The Clever Cat said...

Anna is really cool, isn't she?

Thanks so much for the kind words/reminder, T-babe! Oh, you have a great blog, too...

Anna said...

I'm so glad you made it home safely with all the lunatics on the road! (One almost smashed into me, ugh.)

Sorry about your screwy night ... did make for an amusing read though. :)

The Clever Cat said...

:^) If it had been a full moon I would have been less surprised. The other side of it was my workday had been so successful that I thought the rest of the day would follow suit. Ah well. Puts things into perspective, at least...