Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yard sale a'comin'

And a dumpster is included! Now is my chance to get rid as much stuff as I can. The list includes: the dining table and chair set, a small brown bookcase, old Rollerblades, a CD tower, a tabletop CD holder, about a million silk and velvet flowers, some shoes, and various small items like never-worn hair clips and earrings still on their backings. I’ll put as much as I can on one of the folding tables. Maybe I will see if anyone will take the 40 or so plastic buckets that cat litter comes in. Ha! Someone will want them, right?

Also, I have two rolls of bulletin board paper, some rolls of wallpaper border, the silver hairbrush and mirror set that really isn’t my style anymore, and a bunch of baskets. I have some other stuff too, I just can’t remember it all right now.

This is really gonna be great. Hopefully a lot of this stuff will go away and I will get a little cash for it all. Good luck to me!

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