Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free translations

I really like free web tools, especially for language. Here's another one!

I have been using freetranslation for years, for small translations into Spanish (for whispering sweet nothings into my honey's ear) or for translating menus into French (to make them sound "fancier"-- read: sillier). Sometimes it doesn't work so well, though. Case in point:

Original English:
The Clever Cat's poached salmon
Savory fragrant rice
Light and bright green salad
Choice of adult beverage
Ice cream with fresh fruit

Their French translation:
Le saumon braconné de Le Chat Astucieux
Le riz parfumé savoureux
Allumer et la salade verte brillante
Le choix de boisson adulte
Glacer la crème avec les fruits frais
Their French back into English:
The poached salmon of the Clever Cat
The perfumed rice savors
Light and the brilliant green salad
The choice of adult drink
Freeze the cream with the fresh fruit

You can see their French translation was not what I meant... and it's even funnier in the other direction. "Light and the Brilliant Green Salad"? Sounds like a Tom Robbins novel... but it's fun, and it's free. And fun and free works for me!


Anonymous said...

I love free translations, too. I decided to see how a choice paragraph from a previous post of yours came out at this website. (TeeHeeHee!) Check it out :

I did not verify where the can was because I had pipi, poorly. After, I removed my plug in the preparation for the replacement, provident easily to launch it in a taken properly placed one. Has-j' to explain the supreme horror of one to want to remove a bloody plug of the one key as soon as possible, only to discover the can cannot open of l'assis-sur-le-la toilet position? ew! Ew! ! EW! ! ! If I had a foot of hinged I could have opened the can. If I had an extensible leg I could have opened the can. If I had a third arms I could have done it also. But I have not them, because I human Being.

The Clever Cat said...

Thank you, Anony Mouse. That got me thinking -- would the translation match another time? I did the same experiment, with the following translation -- just as funny, but in a different way.

I didn't check where the cubicle was because I had à pee, badly. After, I removed my plug in preparation for replacement, expecting à easily toss it into has properly placed receptacle. Must I explain the supreme ghastliness of has wanting à remove has bloody plug from one's fingers have soon have possible, only à discover the cubicle cannot open from the seated-on-the-toilet position? ew! Ew!! EW!!! If I had has hinged soccer I could have opened the cubicle. If I had year extendable leg I could have opened the cubicle. If I had has third arm I could have done it too. Goal I don't have them, because I am human.