Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, I have found another useful and free tool -- this time, for all you rhymers. This comes in very handy if you need to burst into song, which I do quite often.

Just place your search word in the box and click on the automatic dropdown for the choice you want. I used twinkie and found dinky, inky, kinky, pinkie, pinky, slinky, and stinky. Love found dove, glove, Gov, of, (and about 100 phrases for), as well as my personal favorite, shove. It did not include "above". Kitty: bitty, chitty, city, ditty, gritty, MITI, nitty, pity, pretty, Smitty, twitty, witty, New York City, fat city (whatever that is), inner city, nitty gritty, one on the city, sitting pretty, and what a pity. It didn't include Sex in the City or shitty, but it could, since as a wiki it is user-edited. Shitty would require the "Star Treatment" though... you know, "sh*tty". I might just have to join and edit the list!

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