Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dance! online

I have been waiting a long, long time (months!) for the developers of Dance! online to fix their code so I can actually dance online. My metal Cobalt Flux dance pad is just about the best home platform available, and I have been jumping around on this thing since December of 2007. Before that I used a V 3.0 soft pad with high-density foam since the previous December. Right now that one is packed away in its happy little carrying case.

But I digress. I am waiting for them to fix the software. I really enjoy playing alone (the calorie count on the workout section is probably way off, but who cares?), and sometimes my friends come over and we chill and jump around and basically act like crazy kids. But when that doesn't happen, and I want different songs, or want to try my skills against someone else, I should be able to do that easily by logging in and well, just doing it. It worked a year ago! But not anymore.

To be able to play online, I have had to use Joy2Key to map my dance pad to the keyboard. That causes delays since the game is already optimized for the keyboard and I'm unable to time it right. I can only hit 55% of the keys this way, and I usually have at least an 82% hit rate. If you can believe it, most of the people who log in to play online actually use the keyboard to play. That's right, they sit on their asses and tap their fingers on a keyboard or a game controller, when the whole point of a rhythm game is to get up and actually move around. Lazies.

Aaaaaaanyway, at long last, I have found out that the developers in China are setting up the fix for the dance pads. When that is done, there will be a lot of happy dance pad users who won't have to sound off in the forums anymore! I can't wait. Although I have to play alone now, I will keep you informed about when the fix is implemented. Yay!

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