Friday, April 30, 2010

Western Beef

Remember Western Beef? It was huge! It had that giant freezer section where you'd practically catch pneumonia every time you walked through, and big burly butchers wearing their disgusting bloodstained aprons, and all types of unusual and fascinating packaged foods. When I lived in Queens, my family would shop there, when we didn't go to the huge Pathmark to spend some time in No-Frills Land. I loved No-Frills Land! (All that solemn black and white packaging.) I really miss Western Beef and Pathmark. But I guess there's no room for them in Massachusetts.

Nope, I have no idea why I thought of all this, I just felt the need to share.


Alexis Clipboard said...

Oh, how I hated Western Beef! It was SOOOO CCCCCOOOLLLDDD, and I was still small enough to sit in the cart, which of course was metal and even colder than the air. I don't remember the bloodstains, though.

I get nostalgic for the black-and-white no-frills packaging, too! Isn't that funny? No frills evaporated milk packets...super yuck!

The Clever Cat said...

I hated that milk too.

Blog Cabin Adventure... said...

OMG! Pathmark! I used to shop there with my gram when I was little! :) Good memories!!!