Thursday, April 1, 2010

A very small fire

I knew I meant to blog on Sunday night. I wanted to post about the fire! (In case I ever forget, and I apparently almost did.)

It was just a little one. What happened was this. I put as many sliced mandelbrot as would fit on the large sheet pan to complete the toasting step under the broiler. But a few wouldn’t fit. So my mom suggested using the same small disposable aluminum pan we originally baked them in, before we did the slicing. Great idea! The sheet pan toasted for about 4 minutes, and I was in charge of making sure they didn’t burn. They came out looking yummy and smelling almondy and Italian (like biscotti). Everyone loves this smell!

So we put the small pan back in the oven, I set the timer for a minute… and 30 seconds later, I’m not exactly smelling almond perfume. Have I ever mentioned my supersonic nose? The one that can detect cigarette smoke in a closed car next to me? I looked down, and oh, no! Tiny flames are licking each piece. Crap!

“Ok, I turned off the oven. Now what!?” “Close it up! Shouldn’t it burn itself out?” We stared helplessly through the oven window at our handiwork as flames shot from each cookie laying passively on the silvery pan of death. “I’ll open the door. You tell me when.” “Now. Now!” My mom crossed the kitchen in four steps, holding the smoking sweets far in front of her on the way through the door. By the time we made it outside, they were charcoal. I guess we shouldn’t have reused the pan, or maybe we should have covered it with foil first. Poor mandelbrot!

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