Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid Market Basket. Stupid teeth!

Sometimes, shopping at Market Basket is so annoying. How obnoxious of them to put the canned fruit directly next to the candy! I wonder what their rationale is. And more annoying, they place step stools in front of the store brand cans! I can only assume that they do that out of the desire for more profit. (I just pushed the step stool in front of the candy instead. Ha!)

I was in the aisle trying to find some canned fruit so I could eat some healthy fruit but not have to chomp into a hard peach or pear. Not only is is down to 46 degrees again here in Massachusetts, but I broke another tooth! I hate my teeth. A very good friend is now calling me "Teeth of Sand." Sigh.

It happened yesterday, when I was finally hungry enough to think about eating. I had to stay home on Sunday, away from a lovely day in Maine because I was having tummy troubles. I was afraid to be away from a bathroom for the length of the drive, and then the thought of being that uncomfortable throughout the day at someone else's house was abhorrent to me. I stayed home from work on Monday, and that was a good choice. I even stayed home today, but I felt sooo much better after 10AM. So I guess it was a 48-hour bug.

Anyway, I was finally hungry, so I made scrambled eggs and put them on a soft tortilla. I bit into it, and chewed, and swallowed, and then felt something sharp where nothing sharp should be. And it was my tooth. Damn it! I think this is the tooth that is supposed to have the root canal later this year. I guess that will be pushed up! At least it doesn't hurt.

So I was at the market today before my chiropractor appointment (I am in the maintenance phase now, yay!), trying to find something sweet that would not make my tooth worse. I wanted candy, both out of habit and out of the need for comfort. But I prevailed! I did not buy candy! And I did buy the store brand fruit. Take that, Market Basket!

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